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    The month of March brings on the yearning of spring. Many famous literary greats have written about it. And no one can forget Shakespeare’s Beware the Ides of March.

    March has always felt like a turning point month for me. Hopefully, winter leaves and the warmer weather seeps in. It is a great motivator to get writing when the sun is shining and the grass goes from brown to green.

    Mobster’s Fate is still in the works and I have already starting plotting book three in the Chicago Mob Series. The mobsters are red hot and ready to bring you some amazing new stories.

    As always, I love hearing from you.



    Teaser (unedited): Mobster’s Fate

    “Move, Alex,” Carlo pushes. “We need to get out of here before the cops come to take a statement.” He is on high alert, checking the corridors. Our pace is quick. I don’t know what the hell Carlo’s problem is. There is┬ánobody around and we can slip out through the emergency room door.

    I speak too soon because in front of us is a woman on a gurney and another blond woman standing beside her. I doubt they’re a problem though.

    “Carlo.” I nod my head indicating the two women.

    “I’m not fucking blind”. We are both on edge from this afternoon and the shoot out. We don’t like being one upped. We have friends here in New Jersey but we don’t want any entanglements with the law.

    mobster's fate by amy rachiele“Fuck you,” I hiss. “I was shot and on pain meds. I’m walking as fast as I can.”

    Carlo shoots a glance over his shoulder behind us.

    “You doing that. Makes us look suspicious. Calm the fuck down.”

    “I want to get home to Anya.”

    “Believe me, I have my own shit too.”

    Carlo shakes his head. “She’s gone man. You are just going to have to live with that. If she wanted you, she wouldn’t have taken off.”

    “Harsh. Thanks. I’ve been shot, or have you forgotten?” I spit at him.

    “I am telling you what it is, not what you want to hear.”

    “Can we just get the hell out of here and save the brotherly fuckin’ pep talk for later?”

    The girl standing by the bed is getting nervous. She sees us coming. I knew Carlo was going to draw attention with his behavior. She keeps shifting on her feet and shooting glances our way.

    “Don’t spook them. Just walk by.”

    “Why would I spook them? You’re the one that’s bandaged up with a gunshot wound walking around the hospital in the middle of the night.” A tinge of pain shoots through my shoulder. I gasp it in response.

    We approach the two women and one of them has a white sheet covering her belly. She looks pregnant. The other woman, must be her friend standing beside her.

    Our steps are quick and we approach hugging the opposite side of the hallway giving them the widest berth possible. The woman on the bed grabs her stomach and lets out a moan. My forced straight ahead avoidance stare is distracted and I glance at the woman. My feet freeze and my head turns getting a better look and I can’t believe my eyes. It has to be a mirage, a hallucination–the medication.


    Carlo stops when I do.

    I eat up the short space in the hallway and step to the bed.

    “Meryl! Holy shit!” I’m loud and I don’t care. I reach out and touch her to make sure she is real. I lay my hand on her stomach. “Holy shit!” I say again.

    “Get away from her!” I am shoved in the shoulder and the pain of the thrust stings.

    “Shit!” I howl.

    “Help!” The woman with Meryl screams. She kicks out at me, but I ignore her. My eyes are glued to my beautiful Meryl stricken with surprise. “We need help!”

    All of my attention returns to Meryl and I touch her again. I am in awe. I lean down and rest my head on her.

    “It’s not yours Alex.”

    I gaze at her lying there and her face is stone.

    ~Alex, Mobster’s Fate


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