#2: Awakening The Mobster - Amy RachieleAmy Rachiele

#2: Awakening The Mobster

Awakening the Mobster ebook

Book 2 Awakening the Mobster

What draws and binds people together-circumstance, experience, blood? Can you change what you’re made of or is it predestined? If you fight it, will it just come back to you ten-fold? A breathtakingly beautiful man is standing right next to me-holding me, reassuring me, protecting me. Antonio is my savior. Having him with me makes the ickiness that’s stuck in my stomach tolerable.

– Megan, Awakening the Mobster

Loving Megan and caring for Erin like the sister I never had is dangerous. These feelings cause you to think. But I was raised, Don’t think, just do!

– Antonio, Awakening the Mobster

Awakening the Mobster: Mobster’s Series Book 2

Mature YA

Awakening the Mobster (Mobster, #2)

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