Mobster's Fate - Amy RachieleAmy Rachiele

Mobster’s Fate

mobster's fate by amy rachieleComing the Summer of 2016. Alex and Meryl’s Story.

Book 2 in the Chicago Mob Series.
“I ran because everything I looked at reminded me of what I didn’t have anymore.”

~Meryl, Mobster’s Fate

When the death of her beloved husband strikes, Meryl is faced with crippling heartbreak. She handles it by running as far away from her life as she can get. Landing on her cousin Lisa’s doorstep in New Jersey, Meryl is full of unexpected surprises.

Alex, an enforcer for the Caruso crime family, has grown up in and worked at La Bella Regale Casino in Chicago for his entire life. He’s a tough guy not driven by emotion—but when a woman he meets in the casino’s bar disappears, he goes to the ends of the earth to find her. He believes in love because it has smacked him so hard in the chest it cripples him. Alex is committed to finding Meryl again, and when he does the tough mobster refuses to let her go.

“It sounds crazy but no one can tell me that I don’t know what I feel. Meryl has changed me from the inside out. I’ve told millions of lies, I’ve killed people, but now Meryl is in everything I do. No matter what, she is there.” ~Alex, Mobster’s Fate
Can Meryl and Alex make it work? Is it fate, or a mistake?

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