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  • APRIL Update

    I hope everyone is having a great April.  School vacation just ended and back to school this week.  I am working on Silencing Joy.  I will be posting some teasers soon.  The book is New Adult  Romance  Action-Adventure.  Joy is the main character.  She finds her quiet life turned upside down after one of her photography shoots at a football game.

    Frosted Over is still in editing.  It is going to be only on amazon for the first three months.  It will be available in print a few weeks after it is live on amazon.


    We painstakingly climb up and over the snow. Each leg sinks until it reaches our hips. It is like walking through a vanilla snow cone. The falling snow around us is heavy. The short walk is strenuous and the cold air stings my lungs as I breathe it in faster and faster.

    Libby, Frosted Over



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