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    I am working on the conclusion of Frosted Over.  This book has gone through some major revamping.  I had cut some scenes BUT I added them at the end.  I figured, I always like bonus material when I read a book.  I hope to have this published on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  Here is a teaser for you. Enjoy!

    “I’m going to clean your face, Kyle.”

    Libby pulls the pot off the fire and dips the ripped piece of cloth into it. She wrings it out, and takes a couple of steps over to Cassie and me.

    “I’ll try not to hurt you.”

    She rubs the hot cloth on my face wiping away the dried blood. I can feel it stuck to my unshaved face. She sucks in a breath at the gore. Most of it is around my nose. Libby continues to wipe and dip the cloth. Her touch is gentle and soothing.


    ~Kyle, Frosted Over

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  1. Fiona nichols says:

    Imhave read all of your books please do,you have a Maling list for future releases
    Many thanks
    Fiona uk

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