Mobster's Girl ReviewAmy Rachiele

    Summer~ “I finished Mobster’s Girl last night… It was so difficult to put it down, honestly.  I had to because it was Father’s Day and I felt like my dad and husband probably needed my nose OUT OF a book for a little while, but it was painful for me…  In spite of having to forcibly put it down for hours yesterday (which about killed me), I still ended up reading the whole book in one day, reading late into the night.  At any rate, while I don’t normally read YA or mobster-type stories, I really loved it since there was enough UST to keep my pervy mind interested.  The whole mobster thing isn’t something I’m very familiar with, living in rural area I do, and big cities are kind of like other planets for me.  But, I felt I was able to clearly see everything and smell the smells of the city.  And I loved that there was a history between the H/h, not just an instantly in love thing that makes stories kind of unbelievable.  Also, the story totally kept me on my toes and wasn’t predictable at all, IMO.  I was floored by her own past!  :)   I can’t wait to read the next installment.  This one is even going in my OMG category…!”

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