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    August is Family Fun Month, but I hope your entire summer has been fun. I have definitely been taking advantage of my son being out of school and hitting the open road, albeit not on a motorcycle, but in a four door Kia sedan.

    My son and I traveled to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to soak in the fresh mountain air by kayaking down the Saco river. A four hour ride from there led us to the beauty of the pristine beach of Lake George, New York. After exploring the sites and relaxing by the water, we spent another five hours in the car to traverse north to Canada where my son was excited to get another stamp in his passport. Niagara Falls is breathtaking.  The cascading ocean is so powerful that it left us in awe as we thought about our own smallness in this great big world.

    Sometimes when we step back and take the time to appreciate all that the world has to offer it gets us excited about being alive. Many days we take life for granted. It’s not uncommon or anyone’s fault for doing so especially with the rat race of just getting work completed or the family fed. Stopping once in a while to reflect helps us to stay balanced and focused on what is truly important.

    Happy Summer and may your days be filled with adventure and great books,


    P.S. Take a minute and let me hear from you. I love hearing from the fans!


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