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    Author, Amy Rachiele’s favorite frozen dessert.

    Yodel Cake

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    This is one of those recipes where guests can’t get enough. It is an unusual flavor combination and in the summer heat it hits your taste buds, instantly refreshing and cooling you.


    2 boxes of Drake’s Yodels

    1 large container of softened rainbow sherbet

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    Slice yodels into 1/2 in discs and line the bottom and sides of any shape dish. (When you cut the yodels the chocolate sometimes falls off. Be careful to keep as much as you can. You can try freezing and cutting them too.)

    Take softened sherbet and spoon it into the dish that is already lined with yodel discs. Fill it to the top of dish and smooth. Cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

    Put dish in freezer overnight.

    Take it out ten minutes before flipping it over on to serving dish.

    Cut and serve immediately.


    Let me know if you make the Yodel cake and how you liked it! I love hearing from you!

    Happy Summer,



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