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  • Mobster’s Bones is LIVE!

    Mobster's Bones new release by Amy RachieleHow can things you only glimpse for a moment sear themselves into your memory?
    ~Alessandra, Mobster’s Bones

    Alessandra has a problem. It’s not that the Mafia is the only life she knows, her father and best friend being members.  She’s being followed. Her stalker destroys the one thing Alessandra thought they could never touch. She’s now forced to flee the only home she’s known, Palmetto.

    How can someone be so beautiful?  The morning sunlight is coming through the blinds on my window casting a glow around Alessandra. She has been here for a week, and we have fallen into a routine.  It is sort of like she has always been here.  Imagining her leaving, gives me an unwanted stone in my stomach.
    ~Troy, Mobster’s Bones

    Troy has his life planned out perfectly; graduate from Notre Dame with honors, get married, live a quiet life with his wife and kids in the suburbs. Just like his parents and their parents before them.  Things don’t work out according to plan – the scaffolding of his life is crumbling before his eyes. Troy’s plans didn’t include the daughter of a mob enforcer showing up at his door and sleeping in his bed.  Are Alessandra and her mafia family worth throwing away the life Troy has always wanted?

    (This book can stand alone or be read as Book 5 in the Mobster Series.)

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