TEASER: Shrapnel's Kiss - Amy RachieleAmy Rachiele
  • TEASER: Shrapnel’s Kiss

    Shrapnel's Kiss by Amy Rachiele“I am seized with a sense of debilitating queasiness that makes my head spin. This can’t be happening, it is too much to process. Where is Tyler? What are they doing to him? Trickles of panic slither down my back in an ugly feeling I have never experienced before. I suck in some dry, stale air to try and find a small part of myself that is calm. Mom, Dad, if you can hear me up in heaven, help me? Tell me what to do. I’m afraid. I wish they could come and get me out of this caveman nightmare!”

    ~Junie, Shrapnel’s Kiss

    Military romance.

    Setting: Afghanistan

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