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  • Review RAW by Belle Aurora

    RawRaw by Belle Aurora
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    RAW by Belle Aurora

    The author, Belle Aurora, has asked her audience to take a leap of faith. She showers us with broken psyches from scarred childhoods. Runs that into a brick wall of severe detachment issues, and then rolls it up in a criminal hero that we can’t help falling in love with (Twitch).

    The book is written in alternate 1st person point-of-view. This type of story is my favorite type to read and write because I feel that I can get into each characters head as the story moves forward.
    But what that also does is make the reader more personally and emotionally attached to the protagonists. The events in the story make you more vulnerable than just an outside observer.

    I went to bed the night I finished RAW and woke up the next morning a broken mess. Belle Aurora, captivated me, her audience, and made me feel personally involved with her characters. I felt Lexi’s numbness.

    This book will stay with you long after you have closed the pages or clicked out of the app.

    Amy Rachiele, M.Ed.
    Indie Author

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