Frosted Over Teaser - Amy RachieleAmy Rachiele
  • Frosted Over Teaser

    Hello everyone,
    I am still working on Frosted Over.  I look outside and there is still snow piled in huge clumps on the street and around my yard.  Easter holiday is this weekend and with the density and depth of these annoying thick hills of dirty snow, I think they may still be here…  No daffodils for me…

    Here is a Frosted Over teaser.  There are no flowers for Kyle and Libby either, just ice cold snow!

    The wind’s howling sounds like a person screeching in agony. This mixed with the dense snowfall and freezing temperature makes it hard to even think.

    “This way!” Randy yells.

    We traipse through the snow with our heads down against the brutal wind. We steady ourselves using the outside wall of the cabin. The tips of my fingers are already cold and starting to numb.

    ~KyleFrosted Over

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